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Moving on up

What keeping up with the digital transformation really means:
Outsourcing your file server infrastructure.
Working from anywhere, on any device.
Storing your data ready for digital processing and analysis.

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Swiss Cloud Storage

Online storage for your business documents


Work from anywhere

Read, edit, share.  Anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Organise your documents

Easy to find, quick to share and ready for digital processing.

Keep your data safe

In a Swiss mountain. Or two mountains, really.

Archive audit proof

Automatic archiving and deletion after the retention period has expired.

Just what you need for your small or medium business.

Our Offer

With Swiss Content Cloud you get a designed for SME needs digital document management feature set – and the all-inclusive infrastructure package. Win time an energy for your core business by outsourcing the operation for your document server to a specialised partner.

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Your Bundle

  • a web based solution, no installations on premise
  • expert advice and support during the onboarding process
  • operation of the file servers
  • managed software licensing, upgrades, patches and fixes
  • data backups
  • server locations in Switzerland, operated and maintained by certified IBM FileNet engineers.

What’s in it?

Document Management Functionality.

Your office in your pocket.

  • read, edit, store, share

  • access via webbrowser, iOS app or Android app
  • access as per personal rights

Document identity (ID)

  • checkin/-out
  • versioning
  • history

Metadata and indexing

  • automatic metadata enrichment
  • guided filing process
  • full text indexing


  • visualized folder structure
  • saved searches / filters
  • document viewer / preview image
  • advanced search functions

User interface

  • integration in the familiar user interface (MS Office, Outlook, Notes Domino)

  • meta notes on documents

Authorization management

  • standard group-based authorization
  • decentralised authorisation management
  • granular permission control

Lifecycle management

  • automatic archiving
  • automatic deletion after retention period has expired


  • scan integration/capturing
  • web content management
  • managed digital processes

Reliable software, operated by certified specialists

Your benefits

  • IBM FileNet is a sophisticated, leading edge ECM solution. Swiss Content Cloud provides you with a selection of proven and tested features well suitable for your small or medium business
  • perfect functional range for your SME
  • simple to buy: short planning period, easy enrollment, time to money significantly reduced
  • integration in your familiar user interface
  • easy to calculate pricing model: one fixed monthly price based on the number of users includes hardware, software, licence, backup costs
  • the combined software, service and infrastructure package offers an excellent benefit cost ratio
  • optimize your expenses by easily adjusting the number of users
  • Swiss location, Swiss service, Swiss standard
  • daily data backup at SWISS FORT KNOX by MOUNT10

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