How it works

Our offer includes three options, all based on the same idea: You use your scanner, we take care of the rest. Then you can choose one of three options as needed. Option one processes your documents into searchable PDF files. Options two and three also provide you with ways to automatically classify and organize your documents. To learn more about each step, simply click on the corresponding icon in the graphic to the right.

How it works
You scan - we do the rest Classification via DocYard Storage in the cloud of your choice Storage and classification in the cloud of your choice Swiss Content Cloud

You scan - we do the rest

The basis of our offer is simple - you get a scanner from us, and we do the rest. Once the scanner is powered up and connected to the internet, we can access it. That means we configure and maintain it so you can use it smoothly. If it comes to that, we'll even replace it - all included in the base price.

Classification via DocYard

If you not only want your documents to be searchable, but also automatically classified, we enable you to do this in collaboration with DocYard. If required, DocYard also uses AI to determine index information from your documents, such as invoice numbers or contract dates. This way, your documents are classified in an innovative way without you having to worry about it.

Storage in the cloud of your choice

After you have digitized your desired documents with your scanner, you can store them in the form of a searchable PDF document in the cloud of your choice.

Storage and classification in the cloud of your choice

DocYard provides you with a PDF version of your document, as well as the associated index information in the form of an XML file. You can now store this in a cloud service of your choice and use the index information to automatically classify your documents. You are free to decide how you want to carry out this classification. If you do not yet have an existing system for this, we offer you our own - Swiss Content Cloud.

Swiss Content Cloud

With Swiss Content Cloud, we offer you a secure and innovative solution to store your documents. We store your data exclusively in Switzerland, which ensures that it is subject to Swiss law and remains confidential. At the same time, Swiss Content Cloud provides you with a classification system that organizes itself. With the index information of your documents, we ensure that your documents are always in order without you having to worry about it. Learn more here.